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Smart Flex AH35

by Hankook

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The Smart Flex AH35 is Hankook's Highway All-Season tire developed for medium duty vehicles primarily for single application use on steering axles, however can also be used on drive axles. Designed to offer consistent all-season handling with long treadlife, in addition to light snow performance capable of earning the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, the Smart Flex AH35 is ready for the variable road conditions ahead.The Hankook Smart Flex AH35 utilizes a durable all-season compound molded into a unique tread pattern. A wide tread width design increases tread pattern volume, which leads to improved load handling characteristics and mileage performance. Wavy and straight circumferential groves balance hydroplaning resistance and wintertime traction by channeling water and slush away from the contact patch. A combination of semi and multi 3 dimensional sipes continue to help provide traction in inclement weather, while retaining the block stiffness required for stable handling and long, even treadlife when subjected to heavy loads.The Smart Flex AH35 utilizes Hankook's Stiffness Control Contour Theory Technology (SCCT), which helps the tire retain its stability when deflected. SCCT helps disperse the internal forces evenly throughout the tire, and is designed to increase performance, durability and aid stability when cornering and braking. Related Information: What is the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol (3PMSF)?