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P Zero All Season Plus

by Pirelli

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The P Zero All Season Plus is the Ultra High Performance All-Season member of Pirelli's P Zero tire family. Developed for driving enthusiasts behind the wheels of powerful sports cars, coupes and sedans looking for Pirelli prestige and year-round performance, the P Zero All Season Plus is designed to be driven in all seasons, even in light snow.P Zero All Season Plus tires feature Pirelli's advanced all-season tread compound that combines special silica and polymers. The tread compound is molded into an all-new advanced asymmetric tread pattern featuring variable size tread elements to minimize noise inside the vehicle while five distinctly designed ribs promote performance in all weather conditions. Stable outboard shoulder blocks feature lateral siping to maximize cornering while a rigid center rib increases steering control, dry grip and overall handling. Circumferential grooves flush out water to resist hydroplaning while large grooves between the blocks expel water and capture more snow. Winter siping technology in the inboard blocks enhances tread pattern stability while increasing the number of biting edges to improve snow traction.Beginning in 2016, Pirelli updated the compound of the P Zero All Season Plus in an effort to improve traction in the wet and snow. Though the benefits of the revised compound are best realized by installing a complete set of four tires on a vehicle, Pirelli has indicated tires with the new compound are mixable in any quantity with tires featuring the original compound.For easy identification, the Original and Revised compound tires are identified with a clarifier on the Specs page and in the search results.The tire's internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by a spirally wrapped, variable tension control nylon cap ply to optimize foot print shape, resulting in high levels of driving comfort, steering control and treadwear.