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Open Country A/T II

by Toyo

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The Open Country A/T II is Toyo's On-/Off- Road All-Terrain tire developed for the drivers of pickup trucks, Jeeps, crossovers and SUVs who want aggressive looks that are backed up with excellent all-terrain traction. The Open Country A/T II is designed for durability, off-road capability and ride comfort, in addition to confident performance in dry, wet and wintry conditions, including light snow.Utilizing a durable, all-terrain compound helps resist chipping and tearing while also providing long wear life. The aggressive pattern of the Open Country A/T II features deep tread grooves for traction in mud and snow, while stone-ejecting blocks help remove rocks from the tread to prevent drilling. The open pattern utilizes tie bars to stabilize the tread blocks for improved dry braking and handling, in addition to a reduction in irregular wear. Wide, circumferential and lateral grooves help evacuate water from the contact patch to enhance hydroplaning resistance, while polygonal blocks and zigzag sipes create hundreds of biting edges for traction in slippery conditions, in snow and on ice.Upper shoulder lugs are designed to provide traction in deep, loose terrain and during aired-down use, in addition to offering protection from punctures. Three distinct shoulder designs are available, based on tire construction and size. P-Metric and Metric sizes feature a mild-scalloped shoulder. LT-Metric and Flotation sizes utilize the standard-scalloped shoulder, and Xtreme sizes feature a deep-scalloped shoulder, in addition to deeper initial tread depths. Xtreme size tires are labeled on the Specs tab and in search results.