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Hybrid HS3

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The Hybrid HS3 is Continental's Highway Rib Summer tire developed primarily for single application use on the steering axles of medium-duty vehicles. The Continental Hybrid HS3 is designed to provide long wear life and low rolling resistance along with traction in dry and wet conditions.The Continental Hybrid HS3 features a cap/base tread utilizing a wear-resistant cap compound on top of a low damping base compound to reduce rolling resistance. The two-layer tread is molded into a symmetric, straight rib pattern. Continental's Plus Volume Pattern technology features narrowed groove widths to increase the quantity of rubber on the road, aiding wear resistance to deliver long life. Pocket sipes molded into the tread ribs provide the biting edges to enhance traction on slippery surfaces.The tire's internal structure includes steel belts on top of a heavy-duty steel casing to enhance puncture resistance and highway stability.