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Efficient Grip RunOnFlat

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The Efficient Grip RunOnFlat is Goodyear’s Grand Touring Summer tire featuring temporary self-supporting run-flat mobility for a distance of 50 miles at up to 50 mph, even after a puncture has allowed complete air pressure loss. Designed for Original Equipment use on many Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles, the Efficient Grip RunOnFlat is tuned to meet the requirements of some of the world's most prestigious vehicles. Like all summer tires, the Efficient Grip RunOnFlat is not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.The Efficient Grip RunOnFlat utilizes an optimized silica, summer-only tread compound molded into an asymmetric design that is tuned to deliver a smooth, quiet ride and responsive handling. The addition of silica in the tread compound provides enhanced wet traction, while the four wide, circumferential grooves evacuate water from beneath the contact patch to improve hydroplaning resistance.Internal construction of the Efficient GripRunonFlat includes two wide, steel belts with a spirally wrapped polyamide reinforcement to add durability and high speed capabilities. The tire’s reinforced sidewalls are capable of temporarily supporting the weight of the vehicle, even without any internal air pressure. The casing material and ply count differ from size to size based on the needs of each vehicle manufacturer, but include single- or two-ply rayon cord or single-ply polyester cord.NOTE: Run-flat tires are only recommended for vehicles that are originally equipped with self-supporting run-flat tires and equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. Though they cannot be labeled as run-flat tires, tires branded with “MOExtended” or “MOE” on their sidewalls offer run-flat-like characteristics by delivering limited temporary extended mobility after a puncture results in complete loss of air pressure. Because MOExtended or MOE tires do not have the same speed and distance endurance of conventional run-flat tires, they should not be substituted in any situation where a conventional run-flat tire is required. To confirm what your vehicle needs, check our Original Equipment tire listing for your year, make and model or see your vehicle owner's manual.Goodyear's warranty states: “Ultra high-performance summer tires are not recommended for winter use, and tread or shoulder cracking on those tires resulting from winter use will not be covered under our warranty.” While compound cracking is not a warrantable condition because it occurs as the result of improper use or storage, tires exhibiting compound cracking must be replaced. Related Information: Learn more about MOExtended/MOE tires here.