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Eagle Exhilarate

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The Eagle Exhilarate is Goodyear's Ultra High Performance All-Season tire developed for drivers of modern muscle cars, sports sedans and sporty coupes looking for tires that deliver the high-speed traction and handling they want in dry conditions combined with secure grip in inclement weather, including rain and light snow.The Eagle Exhilarate molds an all-season compound into an asymmetric, five-rib tread pattern. Goodyear's ActiveGrip Technology ensures even pressure distribution in the footprint, and ActiveBraking Technology uses an innovative tread block design to increase contact with the road during hard braking, resulting in enhanced handling and braking traction in dry and wet conditions. The high-silica tread compound improves wet traction, and wide lateral notches and four circumferential grooves evacuate water from the footprint to aid hydroplaning resistance. Sipes and grooves in the tread pattern help provide grip in slippery conditions, including on ice and in light snow.The internal construction of the Eagle Exhilarate consists of a two-ply polyester cord casing and lightweight, high tensile strength steel belt wire for strong, light construction, while two polyamide reinforcement plies increase high-speed capability.