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The A-008P is an Ultra High Performance Summer tire that revives an iconic name from Yokohama's storied past. Designed exclusively for Porsche sports cars, the A-008P marries classic looks and modern construction. Like all Ultra High Performance Summer tires, the A-008P is not intended to be serviced, stored, nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.The high-performance, dual layer compound of the A-008P is designed to provide high levels of traction and handling stability in both dry and wet conditions, while also providing resistance to heat and wear. The A-008P features an asymmetric construction and asymmetric tread pattern. The outboard shoulder has a square profile, with a dimpled, low-void pattern to deliver the lateral grip needed for high-speed cornering. The round profile of the inboard shoulder is designed to better maintain contact with the road and impart a sharper steering. Wide, straight ribs enhance on-center feel and improve traction for acceleration and braking. The wide, circumferential grooves evacuate water from the footprint for enhanced hydroplaning resistance, and the Semi-helical grooves drain water while cornering.The two-ply, rayon casing of the A-008P supports two wide, steel belts and is reinforced with two full, jointless nylon covers to provide uniform rigidity in the tread area. High-density bead filler helps balance performance handling with comfort, and a steel reinforcement outside the bead filler helps the tire resist deformation under high cornering forces.