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Destination LE3

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The Destination LE3 is Firestone's Highway All-Season tire developed for drivers of light trucks, Crossovers, and SUVs looking for year round traction. Designed to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride, the Destination LE3 offers a long treadlife and confidence in inclement weather, including light snow.The Destination LE3 features an advanced rubber compound molded into a symmetric tread design focused on delivering a smooth ride and precise clear road handling. Utilizing Firestone's TractionTech package, the Destination LE3 employs full-depth tread features that help retain consistent performance as the tire wears. Firestone's Hydro-Grip technology, which includes open shoulder slots and an optimized tread pattern, helps the Destination LE3 slice through water, reducing hydroplaning and aiding wet traction. An enhanced tread design uses full-depth 3D sipes providing confidence in winter conditions.The internal structure is comprised of a polyester casing mated to two steel belts for durability, and a nylon reinforcement that further increases high speed stability.